Friday, June 19, 2009

No Doubt we had fun

Life as a tour guide is a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. One day it's an Amish Family visiting from Pennsylvania, the next day it's a group from Mumbai, India. And then the next day you're hosting a super cool rock band.

I had the pleasure of escorting members of the group No Doubt around Niagara Falls yesterday. The weather was overcast and drizzly, but the group's spirits were high.

We did all the typical things, Maid of the Mist, Cave of the WInds, etc. as well as a brief tour of Buffalo. What can I tell you after my brush with celebrity? This group was comprised of the most down to earth people. They were polite, generous and tolerated my jokes.

Ken, their manager, is a calm man with an excellent sense of humor. Although there was not much time to chat with everybody, I did have some other individual conversations. Adrian seems like a really involved dad! He was intrigued about some of the history of the Falls, especially the contributions of Nikoli Tesla. Stephen is flat out funny. He is very quick witted and charming.
I also met some of the band members from one of the other groups touring with No Doubt. Band members and crew of the group Paramore are young and having a great time while touring. It's amazing how much they've accomplished and most of them aren't even 25 years old.

So if you're a fan of No Doubt and wondered what they are like off stage, I can tell you they totally rock!


Kristen said...

too freaking cool! they're my favorite band ever and have been since '96, when i was 11 ... so, over half my life now, haha. i just saw them in philly - their performance is still phenomenal after all these years and it was amazing how much gwen interacted with the crowd - signing something for a girl, bringing another girl and her friend on stage for a picture, and actually playing a really rare song to hear live (especially outside of southern california, where they're from) for another girl who asked for it because it was her birthday show. i'm stoked to see them again in seattle! thanks for sharing this experience, i've never heard a bad thing about that band and this made me super happy to read. rock steady!

Anonymous said...

soooo cool! thanks for sharing!!

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