Friday, June 5, 2009

New Attraction brings Year Round Snow to the Falls

Niagara Falls is usually snow free 6 months out of the year. No longer.

A new attraction called Snow Park Niagara offers outdoor tubing and skating all year round. The tube hill is fifty feet tall and features eight lanes of downhill tubing. The tube hill and the Snow Play area are serviced by snow making machines that are capable of producing snow throughout the summer.

The skating rink is not made of ice, but a synthetic surface that allows users to glide just as if they were skating on real ice. Skate rental is included in your admission fee—you can bring your own hockey skates if you prefer.

I haven’t ridden this attraction yet, it opens on June 15th. I’ll update should I have the chance to sample the Snow Park.

It’s nice to see private development of any kind on this side of the border. Let’s hope the public warms-up to this snowy idea.
Additional information links here and here.


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